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***Please call 24 hours in advance if you need to cancel or change your appointment Tel: 450-218-6997***


As groomers, we only see your dog every so often and cannot train them daily as you can, so it is crucially important to start at home and get your puppy used to all kinds of people, sounds, touch and all possible scenarios to have a balance and happy puppy.

We will have some homework and recommendations for you to follow at home daily like touching his feet, his face and chin, turning on sounds like a hair dryer or vacuum cleaner, touching and looking in his ears, just to name a few. It is important for your puppy to get used to all these different scenarios so on his next visit, he will be more used to, more comfortable and more confident.

Lolli-Pawz wants what is best for your puppy, having a confident puppy is the best you can do for him, grooming will be part of your dog’s life for years to come.

It is team work, between you, your family and your professional groomer we can ensure your puppy will grow up to enjoy being pampered and think of it as a pleasant experience.

VIP: Very Important Puppy


VIP Package Service

This service includes 4 visits, 2 weeks apart. The first visit is an introduction to the grooming table, sounds like the clipper, hair dryer, trimming of the nails, sanitary area and some grooming table manners. The second visit we may include the same plus add other experiences like trimming the feet, and if the puppy seems fine we can proceed with the bath and dry. The next visits are socialization an are only about 15-20 minutes. We work on things like being nice on the table, allowing the groomer to hold the face or feet, trimming the nails, introduction of different tools and equipment and/or whatever we see possible and the puppy will allow us to do.

The last visit is a complete groom with a haircut.
The total cost is $90.00 for up to 6 months old or up to 30 lbs puppy

Must pre-book and pre-pay on first appointment and there are no refunds for missed appointments. 

Please note some puppies may need more time to get used to the grooming process, if that is the case we can make further arrangements at an additional cost depending on how much more time the puppy needs, please speak to us at the las appointment.

Puppies Under Six Months Old
It has been researched and proven that what puppies experience in their first few months is of vital importance to their developing behavior. Careful exposure to a variety of positive experiences and interactions during the first few months will help the puppy not only learn how to accept and respond to those specific situations and encounters but expands to help the puppy grow into a dog that is more accepting and enjoys new experiences throughout their lives.

Dogs need to be trained to be groomed like they need to be trained to do anything else.

We, at Lolli-Pawz recognize the importance of introducing puppies to grooming at an early age to accustomed them to sounds and get them used to being handled so they can have a good, positive and more relaxed grooming experience throughout their lives.