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***Please call 24 hours in advance if you need to cancel or change your appointment Tel: 450-218-6997***

Full  Spa Groom service  Includes

Bath with a high quality shampoo, nourishment conditioner, fluff /blow dry, nail trimming, ear cleaning including hair plucking if required and if the dog allows it, anal glands expressed if requested and if the dog allows it, sanitary cleaning (private parts) , hair style, bows or bandannas and fragrance spritz . 

All our products are non-tested on animals (cruelty free), environmentally friendly and biodegradable.

​​​De-Matting your dog:

This is a very lengthy and can be a very painful experience for your dog, just like with people , different dogs have different tolerance for pain. The comfort and well being of your dog is my most important concern, if your dog is very matted and is experiencing pain during the de-matting process , we will stop and I will proceed to shave the mats off  and possibly the whole dog to avoid any further discomfort for your dog. De-matting can not only upset and stress your dog a great deal but also cause severe pain, skin irritation or bruising, hot spots and can also damage the hair in the process and it is not a safe procedure. To avoid this, it is best to brush the dog twice a week minimum and follow up with a regular grooming schedule.

We will be happy to guide you on how to best brush your dog when you come in and arrange a grooming schedule to avoid this painful experience to your dog.

Small (under 15lbs) = $ 45.00
Medium (16 lbs to 40 lbs) = $ 55.00
Large (41 lbs to 64 lbs) = $65.00
Extra-Large (65lbs and up)  = $90.00 and up

​​Double Coated Breeds

As a professional dog groomer, I do not recommend to shave these types of dogs.  It is not better for their skin and does not necessarily keeps them cool,  please see  our philosophy for more information in regards to double coated breeds.

At Lolli-Pawz we want what is best for your dog and it is not in the best interest for double coated breed dogs to  be shaved so we have chosen not to shave double coated breeds but instead find a solution to minimize the shedding in your home by offering a de-shedding treatment, brush out and trim the long hair for easy maintenance. These dogs were born with their double coated hair and it does have a purpose for the benefit of their skin and fur.

Note:These prices are for dogs on a regular grooming schedule, for dogs overly matted (more than 15 minutes to brush out knots) and/or in need of a de-shedding treatment, additional charges may apply, depending on the condition of your dog,  such type of coat, breed of dog, size and how well your dog behaves during the groom. We can confirm the price once you come in and we assess your dog.
Please understand that brushing out severely matted dogs DOES hurt. To prevent unnecessary pain, dogs that are very matted may need to be shaved down completely. Additional cost to the grooming may apply.

Small (under 10bs) = $35.00
Medium (11lbs-40lbs) = $45.00
Large (41-64lbs)= $55.00

Extra-large (65lbs and up) = $75.00 and up

This service includes trimming the toe nails, cleaning the ears and plucking if requested and only if the dog allows it, paw-pads trimming, sanitary trim, nourishing bath and blow dry

Bath and Dry

Nail Trimming : Small to Medium dogs $10.00 , Large and Extra Large dogs $ 12.00

Flea treatment shampoo : Small dog $15.00, Medium dog $10.00, Large dog $ 15.00, Extra large dog $20.00

De-Shedding : starts at $15.00 (depending on coat type and size of dog. Exact price at time of appointment)

Specialty Shampoo: Oatmeal treatment, hypoallergenic, blueberry facial, de-shedding treatment + others $5.00 and up

Anal gland's expressed : $10.00 (only if the dog allows it)

De-Matting : $15.00/15 minutes (only if the dog allows it)

Ears cleaned : $8.00

Brush out : starts at $20.00, we can discuss further at time of appointment

​​Services A La Carte

Please note prices are an estimate, it is very difficult to confirm a price over the phone or without seeing your dog and assess him accordingly.

Also note depending on how difficult some dogs may be, we may have to add charges to the pricing. ​​

Fleas and Ticks:Any pets with fleas or ticks will be given an immediate flea & tick bath at an extra cost. If possible, I will notify you of this before. We cannot groom dogs that have fleas or ticks as we do everything possible to avoid getting infested so not to pass these little pests on to other dog’s clients. We  do everything we can to keep our salon clean and infestation free, so please if you suspect your dog has fleas or ticks let us know before you arrive , so we can do what is necessary.

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