​Molly after looking pretty

Dove before

Dear Maggie before

Sweet and gentle Roxy after

Sweet Tinkerbell after

Our celebrities pictures!

​Murphy so handsome after

​Molly before

Gentle Maggie after

​Molly before her groom

Teddy before

Handsome and sweet Watson after

Roxy before

​Daisy you are such pretty girl, look at that smile

Sweet Lily before

​Lucky after his groom so handsome

Handsome Bear and sweet boy after

Sweet Lily after her groom

​Maya after, so pretty

​Billy before

​Lucky before

Pom Bear before

​Billy after looking handsome

​Handsome Teddy after

​Penny before

Zoey before

​Maya before 

​Billy and Maya after their groom looking so pretty

Sweet and gentle Zoey after

Pretty Dove after

2015C Saint Angelique, Saint Lazare

QC, J7T 2Y5

Tel: 450-218-6997

​Benji after looking handsome 

​Murphy before 

​Molly so pretty after

Dear G.T. you are a sweet and handsome guy, and still look like a puppy

Handsome Leo after

Sweet Tinker before her haircut

​Benji before

​Sweet gentle Boss you love your spa day

***Please call 24 hours in advance if you need to cancel or change your appointment Tel: 450-218-6997***

Leo before

​Sweet Penny after

Watson before