Your pet’s safety, comfort and well-being is our highest priority.  Our aim is to provide a safe, clean, and comfortable environment for every pet placed in our care.  Because we work by appointment only, we eliminate the assembly line grooming “rush” that can contribute to a stressful environment for your pet. A slower more loving grooming pace helps keep your pet calm and relaxed.

​​​​Double Coated Breeds

What is a double coated breed?
A double coat is a type of coat that consists of two layers, the guard hair or top coat and the under coat (wooly fuzzy under hair). The denser the undercoat, the fluffier the coat will appear to be and the more grooming the dog will require.
The undercoat serves mainly to keep the dog protected from extreme temperatures – both hot and cold – while the top coat helps to repel moisture and dirt.


Regular grooming is incredibly important for double-coated dog breeds because these dogs tend to shed a lot, not only brushing regularly but a routine and scheduled bath with your professional groomer will help minimize the amount of hair shedding off of your dog.
The biggest mistake you can make with your double coated dog is to shave his coat. Some dog owners mistakenly believe that their dog’s double coat makes them hot in the summer and they shave the dog’s coat to cool him off.

What these dog owners do not realize is that a dog’s double coat acts as insulation, protecting him from the heat. By shaving the coat off it leaves the skin vulnerable. A dog’s double coat is part of his natural cooling system – each layer helps not only to keep the dog cool, but it protects his skin from sun damage as well. If you are worried about your dog being too hot in the summer, consult a professional groomer about the possibility of trimming his coat shorter, (not shaving him) de-shedding and brushing him out helping with the amount of hair that is being shed out of the dog, but in no instance, should you shave your double coated dog shaved, unless recommended or prescribed by a veterinarian for medical reasons.
Here below is a picture of the structure of the double coated dog hair for your reference.



If you have a double coated dog, it is important to know that they need to be groomed by brushing throughout the year but mostly in the spring when they shed the most as they are ridding of the undercoat to prepare for the warmer weather. As the weather warms up the thick undercoat starts to do a complete shed, it detaches from the body and is often described as molting.  During this time when you look at a dog shedding they have “tufts” of fur that is soft and dense peeking through the longer guard hairs of the topcoat, this is called molting as seen in this picture below.

Even if the dog is shaved and kept out of the sun, they may not actually be cool, the topcoat can help to keep the heat off the skin itself unlike people, dogs do not sweat through their skin, dogs sweat by panting and through the pads of the feet, shaving them removes some of their natural ability to stay cool.  Another reason is that when the hair does begin to grow back it tends to do strange things.  For some, it may mean having patches that don’t grow at all, or that don’t grow both types of coat layers (top and under), older dogs often have issues with proper regrowth and then for others (which happens most often) the undercoat grows in faster than the topcoat (since the topcoat isn’t meant to shed extensively it grows extremely slowly) so now that protective topcoat is matted into the undercoat.  Dogs like this generally appear as though they have thyroid issues.  The hair looks fuzzy and varies in length all over the body. One other thing to note about those topcoat guard hairs – they prevent the dog from getting wet, due to the coarseness of the guard hairs water rolls off the topcoat keeping the undercoat dry, which in the winter is important to keeping the dog warm and dry.

Shaving a double coat can have long term effects. Many coats grow back normally but in some cases shaving the coat can change the coat texture and thickness forever. Some of the coat many never grow back the same or at all.

Think of it as a roof over the insulation in your attic. You need the insulation to keep the house cool in the summer and warm in the winter and you also need a roof to keep the insulation from being destroyed by the elements.

There may be times where it is necessary to shave a double coated dog.  In surgical/medical situations the coat must be shaved or if the undercoat has become so matted it can’t be combed out, shaving may be the only humane option. Once the coat begins to grow in, keeping them brushed and free of matting will prevent the need to shave them in the future.

Very Important

Keep the hair clean, brushed and mat free as much as possible specially during the spring time and fall to avoid the overpowering of the undercoat, matting and shedding in the house. It is extremely important to allow the dog to remain with their natural ability to keep themselves cool and protected from the sun and bug bites in the summer and warm and dry in the winter.

Shaving a Double Coated Breed

We, at Lolli-Pawz do not believe in shaving double coated breeds as we do not believe is in the best interest of the dog to rid of their natural protective barrier against the elements and will be more than happy to suggest alternatives and solutions for your shedding furry member of the family.

We have an extensive line of high premium shampoos to suit your dog’s needs in minimizing the amount of hair on your dog and home. Our sophisticated de-shedding bathing system will also help in keeping the hair off of your furry member of the family for as long as possible. We use techniques, tools, equipment and products to help as much as possible the need to shave any double coated dog.

At Lolli-Pawz, we truly care about the well-being of your dog as if it was one of our own, making everything possible to avoid the unnecessary shave down of these beautiful breeds is our goal.

This information was gather from many sources for your reference only and is not a medical opinion, we only want to share our knowledge obtained through our intensive education and experience and would love to suggest what is best for your dog, at the end you decide.

Enjoy your furry baby and happy spring!

Lolli-Pawz Grooming

At Lolli-Pawz we only use premium high end products which are cruelty free, non tested on animals and biodegradable. To make dog's clients more comfortable and safe, we also have our electric bath tub and grooming table to help big dogs go in and out of the tub without feeling nervous about going over a ramp to get to it.

We do not cage dry our dogs.

​When we see it may be better or necessary, our very sophisticated Pet Care Room System will be used which will help dogs, especially the nervous ones, older dogs and dogs that simply want the feeling of being at the spa, being comfortable and calm while getting dry at the same time.

We use our HV dryer for most of our dogs and we fluff dry them as well when necessary for a better finish.

Equipment and our products


We want to make sure we meet your expectations and will ask you what you wish for your dog hair style, but please note that your dog's comfort is our priority and if he or she does not allow for us to do certain things in a safe and gentle manner we will try our best to go around it to ensure the final groom is as you expected.

Safety and comfort

​​​De-Matting your dog:

This is a very lengthy and can be a very painful experience for your dog, just like with people , different dogs have different tolerance for pain. The comfort and well being of your dog is my most important concern. If your dog is very matted and is experiencing pain during the de-matting process , we will stop and I will proceed to shave the mats off  and possibly the whole dog to avoid any further discomfort for your dog. De-matting can not only upset and stress your dog a great deal but also cause severe pain, skin irritation or bruising, hot spots and can also damage the hair in the process and it is not a safe procedure. To avoid this, it is best to brush the dog twice a week minimum and follow up with a regular grooming schedule.
We will be happy to guide you on how to best brush your dog when you come in and arrange a grooming schedule to avoid this painful experience to your dog.

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