***Please call 24 hours in advance if you need to cancel or change your appointment Tel: 450-218-6997***

  • Ear cleaning, plucking if required and only if the dog allows it
  • Nail trimming
  • ​Sanitary trimming
  • ​Paw pads trimming
  • ​Bath, which includes two baths, a crème conditioner with a loving and gentle massage
  • Hair cut
  • spritz of cologne unless specifically declined
  • bows or bandanas unless declined
  • Water, loving kisses and treats!

Our products, like shampoos, conditioners and cleaning products, are not only environmentally friendly and biodegradable but most importantly cruelty free, have never been tested on animals. Our high end quality products will leave your dog's skin and fur clean, spotless and beautiful.

We are doing our best to try and stay away from harmful chemicals and products that can be a hazard to our pets and the environment and will only use certain products if we do not find any other alternative to be efficient.

Stress free Dog Grooming,

​We offer a clean, calm and compassionate grooming environment for your furry family member. It is my mission to make sure you are satisfied but most importantly, the comfort of your furry companion is my main goal. I have loved animals my whole life and always believed that all animals should be treated with lots of love and compassion. Now as a professional certified dog groomer and a dog lover, we try and provide cage free environment to create a more calm grooming experience for your furry family member. If the dogs prefer the privacy of a comfy crate for security, we also have them available.

We have comfortable enclosures as well to make them feel free and safe or just a quiet time while he is in our salon.​

​​Call for an appointment, it will be an honor to meet your furry baby and you of course!​ 

Pet Care Room System

Grooming spa day for your furry baby includes:

We treat your furry baby like our own!

 Pet Care Rooms are the safest, quietest and most pet-friendly dryer on the market.
The Pet Care Room dries pets more efficiently without the loud, scary noise or strong blasting air.
The spa-like treatments which include aroma therapy, an ionizer and oxygen treatments, reduce pet dander, relaxes pets and makes coats shinier and skin healthier.  Using a Pet Care Room provides a healthier, less stressful grooming experience for your furry baby! 

​This type of dryer is mostly beneficial for older dogs, dogs that cannot take the HV dryer or simply dogs that need the wonderful experience of being at the spa.

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